Meet our expert teams

Our engineering teams consist of the top talents in the industry to guarantee exceptional results. All of our bilingual software engineers have vast experience working with the latest technologies on the most challenging and innovative projects in the market.

Top 1% IT Talent

After going through a strict selection process, our teams are composed of only the most talented and skilled experts from around the world, with technical prowess in the latest technologies to drive project success.

Top 1% IT Talent

All of our software engineers have an extremely high English proficiency, which enables them to establish and maintain clear communication practices to effectively meet our clients´ needs.

Top 1% IT Talent

Our teams are distributed so that they are always in the same time zone as our clients. This facilitates real-time project management and efficient feedback cycles for faster delivery rates.

The Benefits of Working with KLAP6

Technical Expertise

We know how to hire the best talent. We receive thousands of applications across the region, and we refine the search with our proprietary software, and with our exceptional recruiting team. We have a robust pipeline across a wide spectrum of technologies, like Java, Python, and PHP, and we are always keeping an eye on market trends. Finally, all our candidates go through extensive testing until they are ready to be matched with the senior software engineers, who will undoubtedly add value with the qualified approach and know-how for optimal project delivery.

Unmatched Experience

We focus on the core business problems that our clients need to solve, which are commonly related to scalability and the need to accelerate development towards a roadmap. We carry out the necessary conversations to understand the skills and components required for our team, and we use our proprietary software that will best match candidates with the roles needed for the project. Once completed, we connect our teams with our clients, making it our goal to add the most value and deliver quick results for them.


Diversity is an essential part of our company’s values. We work with unique talent of all backgrounds to build diverse teams that enrich our ability to grow and perform in line with the highest standards in the industry. We aim to promote diversity in the workplace because we want to create teams that excel with creativity and innovation. We strive to promote an inclusive environment because we believe building diverse teams enables our capacity to build amazing technology solutions.

Smart Working

Our teams know how to work smart. Our working methodology allows us to achieve our time to market while also keeping our attrition levels low. We have a robust, distributed working model that improves productivity, quality of life, reduces the carbon footprint, and guarantees overall business continuity. Our working culture rewards high performers, encourages career growth for our team, and offers continuous training possibilities, thus creating an environment for success.