Big Data and Healthcare

Big Data In Healthcare: How Organizations Use Data Analytics to Manage The Pandemic


As the whole world is gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now starting to realize how far this situation has changed the whole world. At these testing times, we, humans look for ways to strengthen our healthcare system and to provide support to the people. In this digital world, we get this help and support in the form of huge data. Data is everything, to find answers for unprecedented future situations. Especially, when we are tracking such a huge pandemic outbreak worldwide, and assist all industries to progress forward.

To predict the unpredictable situations
So how do such huge data in raw form take its shape? This is all possible due to Big Data analysis tools and techniques used by many organizations to filter the required information and produce a statistical report based on the same. WHO (World Health Organization) has a dedicated dashboard that shows the statistical information on corona cases country wise. It helps all the nations to know what the current situation is and take precautionary measures accordingly. It gathers data related to the virus spread worldwide and then groups, categorizes, enriches, and gives information in the form of statistics.

Improvised services in all sectors using BIG DATA
We have seen how many nations have already started using IT Technology that has rendered great support in these times. The database is always kept up-to-date with the feed coming from various sources such as real-time monitors, thermal sensors that check the human temperature, statistics recorded by various government and private bodies, etc.
According to the statistics and research conducted by “our world data. During this pandemic, the statistics have been analyzed in various aspects for supporting researchers, to access all vital information. Data, like which country will see a rise in which month and how much testing each country conducts, are some of the useful information gathered. This will provide an insight for healthcare providers to focus more on the weak points. According to a Forbes report, the use of analytics on big data has quadrupled – from 10% in 2016 to 39% today, which is the best example to see how big data is a growing sector amid all crises we have.

Other sector usages of Big data
Not only in healthcare, some industries like media and IT also see a steep rise in the use of this data. To articulate this point, we can consider the data provided by David Sogn, Associate Vice President of Digital and Analytics, HCL Technologies. He has quoted how many precautionary measures HCL Technologies have taken for the COVID crisis based on the big data volume collected. According to him, HCL also created a separate command center to address the COVID pandemic. It depends on predictive analysis to give more insights to the customers during this crisis.
IT staffing service requirements also see a steep increase in several countries. This is proved by the instance reported by Bloomberg Daily – Illinois is the first state that has used big data and Artificial Intelligence to hire staff for the recruitment process.

Big Data – A helping tool for commoners in crisis
As we see data emerges to be more powerful, which is easily available to all in this digital era. It is very much required that each organization uses the collected data in a very diligent and responsible manner to make the right decisions.
For example, Arogya Setu is one of the useful apps that diligently uses big data to help common people during this pandemic situation. This app gives users the information of people affected due to COVID within their vicinity so the user can take the required precautionary measures.
As per Wiki, this app saw 100 million installs in the last 40 days. This is an enormous figure to see how data collected and presented to society has reached every common human being in a short period of time.

There is no question about the pandemic situation we are in right now, but to survive this situation and overcome this we need digital help for guidance and prediction. Big data plays a vital role in this by providing all leads and solutions by giving meaning to the data collected from all over. Raw data collected is as useless as no data at all. These dashboards show confirmed cases and deaths from coronavirus in various locations. Based on this data, models are created and they are used to predict hotspots for the disease which in turn help in decision making so about stay-at-home orders and to help healthcare systems prepare for a surge of cases. Thus, the data used at the right time are a powerful weapon that can change the path of this crisis situation and also help us take a leap towards new findings in the big data world.