Cloud Computing

The Future of Cloud Computing: Strategies and Best Practices



Cloud Computing is rapidly evolving and has caught the attention of big names like Google, Amazon, Microsoft. Salesforce has started to follow suit in this field.

When we talk about SAP Cloud Computing Solutions we cannot say that it is all about benefits and there are no risks associated with it which may include but not limited to Important Enterprise data Security, Cloud Resources control loss because they are run and managed by someone else, and reliability.

On contrary to this, Cloud Computing acts as a game-changer for many organizations. Though many organizations rapidly grow their business, operate and managed IT services cost-effectively, Cloud computing enables them to easily upgrade and maintain their infrastructure with the latest computing advancement like new framework and languages, non-relational databases.

Your Data Center always has a chance of improvement despite your best efforts to keep it up to date. When we talk about our infrastructure growth it means you are looking consistently for vulnerable spots. Through this approach, you keep up with the requirements of the business as well as set up with the multi-cloud intensive future.

Every business has some unique requirements therefore a single vendor of cloud cannot offer a perfect solution for it. The best scenario through which we can utilize our benefits to maximum cloud services is by dealing with more than one cloud service providers and monitoring their services simultaneously.

Reconsider your Cloud preference
Is there any possibility to reconsider and reanalyze your cloud architecture?
According to the research, among all the cloud types hybrid cloud accomplishes the best of business requirements. Some of its advantages are superior scalability and flexibility, the greater end-user performance of the application and much more. 50% of its users say that actually, hybrid computing is better than any public or private cloud.There is also another type of cloud computing named multi-cloud which is also becoming one of the leading choices for data centers internationally. According to reports, 70% of the enterprises will shift to a multi-cloud strategy at the end of this particular year. Like we discuss hybrid is a combination of private and public clouds on the other hand multi-cloud uses both but there is no sharing take place between them.

Analyze Transformation Objectives
Your Transformation objectives and goals will change according to the scope of your business. According to the research, the middle size company performs well on public clouds whereas smaller companies are not very effective with public clouds.Before going to transform your infrastructure, you should ask the following question to your self

  • How can this IT infrastructure help the success of my business?
  • How can I improve the monitoring and management of my IT infrastructure?
  • Can new infrastructure improve my service and reduce costs?

More Automation
Hybrid or multi-cloud has three main challenges: Complexity, Increased management, and low visibility. Its simple solution is Automation which removes the boring and tough management round the clock.

Transfer to Hyper-converged Infrastructure
HCL is becoming popular with the passage of time. It has storage resources with intelligent software. It helps you to initialize with small and grow as per your requirements and needs.

Security Standards should be high
Many organizations suffer from cybersecurity attacks. One reason is because of underdeveloped IT infrastructure. So, it is necessary to maintain high-security standards throughout the development life cycle.

The organization can benefit from one of the above-discussed points but ideally, you should implement them all. Many organizations in the short term cannot see the full potential behind cloud computing but in the future, as time passes by and when more organizations adapt to cloud computing that’s when we could achieve a competitive edge and feel the difference. Klap6 introduce unique perspectives and inventive business consulting solutions that enhances our clients’ approach to their projects.