Robotic Process Automation

How RPA benefits your Business through Bots



Robotic process Automation (RPA) is employing software bots to simplify tedious, repetitive processes in your organization. According to Gartner, RPA is one of the fastest growing segments at the enterprise level. Let us look at how businesses benefit from the integration of RPA into their processes.

Marketing Solutions
Implementing RPA speeds up business operations from lead generation to customer experience. It provides end to end marketing solutions from advertising to customer service. RPA simplifies the process of marketing with analytics, data and a comprehensive view of the customer journey. Businesses enjoy an increase in revenue, better online marketing efforts, improved employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Routing Emails
Insurance companies receive thousands of queries daily via emails that needs to be read, tagged and rerouted to the specific divisions. The employees spent a considerable amount of time daily to take the right action for the customer’s queries. This process has been made simple by RPA and machine learning that has incredibly reduced the time of classifying and rerouting the incoming customer emails to improve the business.

Claims Processing
Robotic Process Automation Implementation Texas in the insurance sector reduced the time taken to process the claim manually. This improved the team’s overall efficiency and productivity, creating the bandwidth to focus on the other important tasks and serve the needs of the clients better. With millions of transactions happening online, RPA helps in identifying fraudulent transactions greatly reducing the time and effort for the company.

Processing Payments
Organizations that distributes grants and agreements each year had to process large amounts of data and go through rigorous processing to release payments. RPA reduced the payment processing times from months to days using the grant management tools.

Data Transfer
Over millions of patient records had to be digitized that would have taken thousands of hours if done manually. Instead RPA helped in the transfer of years of data in the Healthcare sector, reducing the time and effort without much data loss or errors.

Though RPA has a lot of advantages and has reduced time for most of the processes it is difficult to implement. Klap6 understands your automation needs and provides the right tailored solutions for you.